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bnb_hq's Journal

The Bad News Brigade
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This is the muse journal of rinfang, sarasati, shini_chan2 and emwitchwood.
absurdity, alternate realities, alternative sexualities, ancient history, androgyny, antiques, art, bad!twins, bisexuality, black and white photography, black humor, books, bookstores, boys dressing as girls, brain twisting, bromance, celtic punk, character development, chinatown, cider, coffee!, comic books, craft of writing, creative writing, cynism, dance, dancing, dark rooms, digital photography, dreams, fairytales, fantasy, fantasy archetypes, femslash, fetishes, fiction, flea markets, folk tales, functional dysfunctional relationships, gardening, gardens, gender issues, genderbending, ghost hunting, ghosts, girls dressing as boys, herbs and spices, historical fiction, hot male ballet dancers, interracial relationships, knitting, kung-fu, legends, libraries, lingerie, lore, love, loving things one shouldn't, lust, magic, magick, make believe, mischief and mayhem, mythical creatures, mythology, nanowrimo, old books, old photography, original character femmeslash, original character slash, original writing, pansexuality, parallels, playing dress-up, poetry, polyamory, priestesses, rambling, reading, sacred prostitutes, sci-fi, science fiction, seamed stockings, secret hideouts, secret identities, sensuality, sexuality, shamanism, skulls, spirituality, steampunk, stereotypes, stories, storytelling, surreality, symbolism, synaesthesia, tarot, tattoos, tea, tea shops, the question "why", the sea, twisting archetypes, unhappy endings, urban fantasy, vampires, victorian, villain archetypes, vintage lingerie, vintage typewriters, voodoo, what if?, wicca, witchcraft, witches, worldbuilding, writing